Changing priorities are being observed more and more in the construction industry. And in the latest demonstration of the trend, giant cement manufacturer LafargeHolcim has consented to purchase Firestone Building Products for an estimated $3.4 billion. Firestone is a company that specializes in making roofing materials especially green, insulated, and solar tops for buildings.

LafargeHolcim, currently the biggest cement manufacturer in the globe, acknowledged Firestone's contribution in reducing energy loss using the roofs on premises. Therefore, it decided to acquire the company from its parent firm Bridgestone Americas.

Jan Jenisch, LafargeHolcim CEO, pointed out Firestone's dominance when it comes to the latest sustainable solutions. Speaking to CNBC, Jenisch said that the purchase would be great for his company because it is in line with their vision of being the most sustainable and innovative supplier of building materials.

Advanced materials and durable changes

Using a building’s roof to improve the structure’s viability is well documented in green construction. Globally, many structures like shopping malls, office buildings, and stadiums are fitted with solar panels which generate energy to boost the power supply. Green roofs are viewed as a way of enhancing the features of the building and its interaction with its surroundings.

The Royal Horticultural Society mentions the importance of green roofing. They include enhancing air circulation, providing heatproof as well as sheltering wildlife like birds. Green building tops could vary from sweeping gardens to small plots on top of buildings. A good example is the covering at Canada’s Vancouver Convention Centre. The Centre says that it insulates the structure during hot months and reduces heat loss during the cold ones.

It is not only the exterior of the building and structures that are being worked on, changes are also being made on how these buildings are designed and constructed. The idea is to build them in a more sustainable manner using the ever-advancing technology.

The construction business is dynamic

The effect of the construction field on the environment is under scrutiny. Policy institute Chatham House released a report in 2018 which showed that every year, more than 4 billion metric tons of cement are produced. This contributes to around 8% of CO2 emissions in the world. Due to the rising concerns on the environment, there is increased attention to the sustainability of buildings. Therefore, major players in the industry want to reinforce their choices in terms of their products and technology.

The procuring of Firestone will be a good addition to LafargeHolcim’s products, especially its ECOPact concrete.For the company, acquiring Firestone will come with an extra 1800 distribution points and three more development labs and testing centers. Additionally, 15 more manufacturing points will be under the jurisdiction of LafargeHolcim. Prospectively, the company said that it will want to make the business global as soon as possible.