After a severe Hail or Wind storm you very well may have substantial damage to your roof that may need replaced or repaired. Don't worry about whether you are going to have to pay for this yourself, let us inspect your roof free of charge and provide you with a written report and pictures of the damage. We work with your Insurance Agent/Adjuster to determine how your insurance can help replace your roof saving you thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Insurance can be very confusing such as ACV vs RCV and Depreciation, and how each work. We understand how the adjusters calculate the damage, and when they miss things a supplement needs to be prepared so that Insurance will cover it and not come out of your pocket. We also make sure to maintain within the IRC/IBC guidlines that sometimes adjusters are not aware of. Our goal is to make sure that you are fully covered by an Insurance claim and that all items are documented in that claim for your benefit. Let us either walk you through the process or handle it for you, to make sure you get the most out of what you have been paying for. So if your roof does get damaged or need replaced due to mother nature don't worry we can help you handle the entire process stress free.

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Watch Out For Storm Chasers

When a hurricane or tropical storm hits Florida, it attracts roof repair scammers.  These fly-by-night storm chasers con homeowners and make off with their insurance money without doing the work. Every year we see the fly by night guys set up shop for a a few months and then leave town without doing the work.  You can protect yourself by always using a reputable local company to do your roof repair work. 

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quotation markSammy and Armour Roofing recently replaced our roof, and Sammy made the whole process very easy. Everything was timely and went smoothly, we had no issues. I highly recommend this company and will be using them again in the future.quotation mark

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