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  • The Cost of a Roof Replacement

    If you're curious about the price of roof replacement, the relative merits of various materials, and how to select between repairing and replacing your roof, you've come to the right spot!

    Posted on March 18, 2023

  • The Florida Roofing Hustle: What You Need to Know

    When most people think of the Sunshine State, they think of beaches, theme parks, and alligators. But there's another side to Florida that you may not know about - the roofing hustle. This is a scheme where unscrupulous contractors convince property owners to file insurance claims for damage that never even happened. This article will discuss this hustle in detail and tell you what you need to know to avoid being scammed!

    Posted on October 15, 2022

  • Why Does a Metal Roof Act as a Perfect Platform For Solar PV

    Metal roofing is a popular choice among homeowners, and we reckon there’s a reason for that. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and looks great on any house. Moreover, with minimal disruption, the added benefits of installing solar panels directly onto it. This could be one of the smartest decisions you can make for your wallet. What makes a metal roof so preferable? This article will explore four reasons why the material makes an incredible platform for your solar panel.

    Posted on September 17, 2022

  • 5 Different Types Of Commercial Roofing

    Each commercial housetop material has its benefits and a specialized purpose. When choosing a commercial housetop, it is important to consider how the material will stand up over time to the type of weather that you'll be experiencing the most - high heat or heavy rain, for example. Here are five different types of the commercial housetop and their respective benefits

    Posted on June 18, 2022

  • New Energy-Saving Roof Material Looks Promising

    Energy-saving roof materials have been around for quite some time. These coatings reflect the sun and disperse thermal-infrared light at a high rate thus lowering cooling costs during hot weather. However, when the weather is cold these coatings continue to radiate heat therefore increasing heating costs.

    Posted on May 19, 2022

  • Turn Your Roof Into a Solar Panel: New Technology Makes it Easy!

    Thanks to new technology that has made the process simpler than ever, you can now turn your roof into a solar panel without complications, thanks to new technology that has made the process simpler than ever! In the past, converting a roof into a solar panel was a complicated and expensive process. But now, with new innovations in solar technology, it's easier than ever to go green and start generating your own energy.

    Posted on February 18, 2022

  • Maintenance Tips of Flat Roof

    Homeowners and construction companies continue to develop buildings for either residential or commercial purposes. The choice for the type of roofing depends on the client and can include traditional slate, flat or EPDM model. Clients prefer flat ceilings when constructing conservatory or house extensions because they are affordable and easier to maintain. When the structures are for commercial purposes, the developer can choose to install high-quality materials that can last the design for over twenty years with proper maintenance. The maintenance of the structures includes performing operations that can increase their durability. The following tips can help you maintain a flat slate to achieve a longer lifespan.

    Posted on July 26, 2021

  • Five Tips That Will Help Keep Your Roof in Good Condition and Increase Its Longevity

    One significant thing homeowners must consider when purchasing a home is the upkeep and maintenance required to protect and preserve their assets. From the water pipes to the roof, you want it in excellent condition to serve its purpose for the entire household. The housetop is an essential part of the home you must maintain regularly to prevent unexpected expenses for repairs and replacements. Whether your top covering is asphalt shingles, solar tiles, or metal, you can prolong its life expectancy with proper care and maintenance.

    Posted on June 29, 2021

  • Tesla Solar Roof Lawsuit

    A class-action lawsuit strikes Tesla once more after another of their solar roof customers reports them over hiking prices. According to the complainants, the newly filed suit represents everyone affected by the hike in costs against the original agreement. Even though the actual number is not known, the US District Court in the Northern District of California received eight more filed complaints this week, indicating that the number of those distressed on this issue continues to increase significantly.

    Posted on June 27, 2021

  • Materials to consider for Roofing Your Home

    Rain, hail, wind, all things that can damage a roof. When building a home or replacing a roof, the choice of roofing materials may be confusing. Understanding what each material offers is key to choosing the right one, and can sometimes lead to energy savings.

    Posted on March 25, 2021

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