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Armour Roofing contractors are committed to giving you an honest opinion and equipping you with the knowledge needed when re-roofing your home. Your satisfaction at the end of the day is what is most important to us here at Armour. We will keep you updated with every step of the process when re-roofing your home because we know how important it is to you. We work hard to maintain a professional, clean, and safe work place.  We are proud of our work and stand behind it 100%. We only apply quality tested materials to your roof. Armour Roofing contractors are experienced and knowledgeable in roofing materials and processes.  We offer financing and we also help our clients navigate the insurance claims process.  

Roofing contractor relationships should be built on trust. You wouldn't let just anyone into your home, so why should it be any different for someone working on your roof? We understand a lot of roofing companies aren't out there for your best interest, which is why we at Armour Roofing strive to repair not only your roof, but your confidence and trust in roofing contractors in Florida. We encourage you to do some research, check our credentials and feel comfortable asking us any question you might have.  Upon request we gladly provide references or if you would prefer check out our over 100 online Google Reviews.  We have been in business almost 30 years and we work on residential, commercial and multi-family properties.  Thank you for allowing Armour Roofing the opportunity to serve you.

  • Maintenance Tips
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Roof Warranties

Maintenance inspections should be routine for your roof.  A yearly check-up is a common practice among Sarasota homeowners.  Here are some items to keep on your checklist.

  • Catch issues while they are small:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  It is so important that you do regular checks on your roof and fix any issues while they are small.
  • When you are having your roof professionally inspected they can discover faulty materials that were used.  Finding these issues can ensure that you will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Storm damage may not always be visible to a homeowner but regular and professional roof inspections can detect any damage that may have occurred and can be covered by your homeowner's insurance.
  • Protecting your warranty is important.  You can't file a claim if you aren't aware of the problem.  Always remember that warranties have time limits and professional inspections can uncover these issues.
  • When you get an inspection it is important to get a company that specialized in unbiased results.  An independent roof inspector is important so you can get a true evaluation of any issues on your roof. 

Annual maintenance agreements are more common now than ever and they have advantages.

  • As your roof ages it is important to get regular inspections
  • Many factors come into play in your roofs longevity including: weather, ventilation, choice of materials, maintenance and cleaning
  • Premature aging factors of a roofing system include:  flashing, parapet walls, exposure to UV and faulty products.
  • These annual or biannual inspections provide an opportunity to maintain or fix items which extend the life of your current roof system.
  • Our evaluations include analysis of the life-costs by considering the additional life of any repairs.
  • We also evaluate on both the possibility of warranties or insurance covering your costs
  • We also are not married to one specific product so we can help you find the best product for your situation and your money.

Here are a some reasons that your roofs warranty gets invalidated:

  • Incorrect roof installations can cause warranty to be voided and all manufacturers have strict requirements on installation.
  • Improper ventilation is a major factor on a roof system.  Air flow is key to a roof system's longevity and your warranty may be not cover your roof if the roof isn't vented properly.
  • Keeping your Sarasota roof maintained, free of debris and regularly inspecting the roof is important for maintaining your roof.
  • Weather damage like hail, wind and ice damage can invalidate your warranty as well.
  • Some modifications like adding solar panels or sky lights can also invalidate your warranty.  
  • The last thing you need to do as a homeowner is to report damage promptly.  If you fail to report damage promptly your warranty may not be valid.  

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Watch Out For Storm Chasers

When a hurricane or tropical storm hits Florida, it attracts roof repair scammers.  These fly-by-night storm chasers con homeowners and make off with their insurance money without doing the work. Every year we see the fly by night guys set up shop for a a few months and then leave town without doing the work.  You can protect yourself by always using a reputable local company to do your roof repair work. 

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