Moss growth can damage shingles. Though a thinner layer of moss may not be troublesome, large moss clumps can degrade shingles, creating opportunities for leaks. Worst, many moss remediation methods recommended online actually cause damage on your shingles, increasing leaking odds. So, which are the safest and most reliable methods of removing moss from the roof? It might be necessary to first remove moss before replacing a new roof. But still, you will need to prevent the growth of moss after installing a new roof. Here are the safest ways to get rid of moss on your shingles.

Scrub and Hose off the Shingles

One of the easiest ways to remove moss from the shingles is to spray wash it using a hosepipe. Mix up water with a bleaching agent and spray the mixture in a downward direction. Then, leave the mixture on the roof for at least 20 minutes to allow enough time for the moss to get destroyed. You may need to cover nearby plants to avoid killing them as well. Then use a brush with soft bristles to sweep moss away. Again, sweep the moss toward the downward direction to prevent roof damages. And don’t skip the last step, which is washing off the shingles using plain water. But you can skip this step if you cleaned the shingles using commercial cleaning products.

Cut Overhanging Tree Branches

Moss tends to thrive on shingles that get the least sun exposure, such as shady spots with overhanging tree branches. So, get the branches cut by a professional arborist to prevent further moss growth. While this may not help remove existing moss, it can help deter further growth. Let your shingles be exposed to the sun as much as possible to prevent moss growth.

Apply Moss Removal Solution

Extensive moss growth may require more than just plain water and a simple scrub. There are a lot of homemade and commercial moss cleaning solutions that can get the job perfectly done. But wait until the weather is cloudy to apply your moss cleaning solution so that it doesn’t evaporate too quickly. But keep in mind that homemade and commercial moss spray can discolor pathways, decks, and sidings or even damage nearby plants. So, it might be necessary to cover nearby plants and surfaces with a plastic sheet before getting started.

Install Copper or Zinc on Your Shingles

Clearing tree branches and washing off moss using a commercial or homemade spray isn’t a permanent solution. The best way to prevent moss growth permanently is by coating the top ridge of your shingles with either copper or zinc. Zinc is less expensive than copper, but the latter tends to be more toxic on algae and moss. Purchase zinc or metal sheets cut them into strips, and then attach them to the shingles using screws or nails. Preventing moss growth is by far less expensive than dealing with its consequences. So, installing zinc or copper strips will save you a fortune in the long run. But note that these strips lose their effectiveness over time, so you might need to replace them every few years.