Shingles are expensive, so it makes economic sense for roofers to use more than they need and discard the excess product. As a result, an estimated 100 million square feet of shingles are recycled yearly, but the recycling process needs to work better to support the industry's needs. A new installation must be done by a first-tier installer who can provide proof that their company has met GAF's standards for reusing them with guidelines that include reinstalling them.

GAF Incorporates Waste Roof Shingles into New Shingles

GAF, Inc., a leading wood-based shingle manufacturer, has adapted its revolutionary ShingleWrap installation process to incorporate waste roofs into new ones. This innovative new installation method addresses the need for more environmentally responsible and cost-effective installation methods. The process allows the first-tier installer to reuse the old shingles that would have otherwise been thrown away, and the installer can make money from this recyclable product.

According to Paul R. Owens, president of Owens Corning Building Products, "The ShingleWrap installation system was developed as a solution to reduce waste in the roofing industry. The system is only designed for use on new residential installations or residential re-roofing projects. It can be used on standard or dimensional installations over built-up membranes, where mechanical fastening techniques are used. The product is intended to be used on a single building and is removed by the installer.

ShingleWrap comprises 100% recycled materials, including wastes processed into a base material that can be used in other products or to manufacture new ones. Owens Corning estimates that each ShingleWrap kit contains enough material to cover an average of two roofs. It helps reduce the amount of waste in the roofing industry, saving contractors and building owners money.

The installations are performed by first-tier installers who only install what is necessary to achieve an accurate and effective seal. First-tier installers also reject excess products to provide independent verification that their product meets GAF's strict standards for reusing roofs.

First-tier installers who have met GAF's strict standards and guidelines can reuse GAF's ShingleWrap product on a single installation. The excess material is reused within the Owens Corning System, and the first-tier installer is paid per foot basis.

GAF has partnered with Owens Corning to develop and test a product allowing an installer to use the ShingleWrap installation method with old ones. As soon as they are cut, they are correctly folded and then tied into bundles by a tight wrapping process. These bundles are then placed in an Owens Corning carton bound together using packaging straps. These cartons are then covered in a heavy-duty plastic package and shipped to the supplier.

The Owens Corning System also holds the potential for benefits for building owners, who can save money by using few and reducing the amount of waste to dispose of. The system also allows a building owner to wait until they are near their end-of-life before recycling them into Owens Corning's product. It minimizes the period in which roof s are exposed to weather and predators, which reduces wear on the roof, helps extend product life, and reduces installation labor costs.